Find and Book a didi cricket Class

This page is designed to help you start the process of finding a didi cricket class that is close to you.

When you have done that, we provide all of the information you need to get your child booked in for a class at a date and time that suits you.

Just search the map by hovering over the red flags dotted around the country then click on the flag nearest to your home town, city or village. This will reveal a venue and an option to ‘book here’ on a link.

This will lead you to a page when you can find out more details about your chosen venue with a list of classes that are available and their times and dates.

All children are offered a FREE taster session to see if they like it and to give parents an idea of the venue and the activities we have on offer.

Keep your eye on the didi cricket Facebook pages for news of new classes opening up all over the country. Contact us Contact Us